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ETC Lock Case for ETC2.0

ETC2.0 system is now prevailing all over Japan.
Nihon Musen JRM-21 and Mitsuba MSC-BE700 support ETC2.0.
You can put MSC-BE700 into ETC Lock Case (ex: EC51-N, EC51-M, EC51-S).
We are sorry but JRM-21 is too big to put into ETC Lock Case.
But don’t worry. Now we have a plan to re-design our ETC Lock Case near future.
*EC51-N, EC51-M or EC51-S should be used with spacer G51.
・EC51-NPrice:19,440 JPY(tax included)
・EC51-MPrice:19,440 JPY(tax included)
・EC51-SPrice:19,440 JPY(tax included)
ETC Lock Cases for JRM-21 are coming soon.

Nihon Musen JRM-21 and ETC Lock Case.
We have to re-design the hinges of ETC Lock Cases. They interfere in putting JRM-21 into ETC Lock Case.
Mitsuba MSC-BE700 and ETC Lock Case

Spacer G51 is necessary if you use ETC Lock Case(EC51-N, EC51-M, EC51-S)
Spacer G51 is placed in ETC Lock Case.
There is no extra clearance between spacer and case.

MSC-BE700 is on the spacer G51.
The letters “ETC2.0 MITSUBA” should face to spacer G51.
You can buy our ETC Lock Cases via following sites.