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hiruzen kogen
【日 程】 2017年9月24日(日)
【集 合】 赤松PA下り(中国自動車道)8:45集合⇒9:00出発
【目的地】 蒜山高原センター
【料 理】 ジンギスカン食べ放題(ライスお代わり自由)1800円
【食事代】 当日領収させて頂きます。
【行 程】 往路
-約68km→蒜山高原センター(12:00着) ※昼食1時間30分
蒜山高原センター( 13:40出発)- 約5km→蒜山高原SA上り(14:00着)※30分休憩、スポーツスター(7.9Lタンク)の方は必ず給油満タンでお願いします。(14:30発)
- 約137km→加西SA上り(16:00着)  解散
【定  員】 特になし
【参加条件】 寺田モータースもしくはプラザ伊丹のお客様。
【引率スタッフ】 松尾 残り1名未定。
【申込方法】 店頭又は電話にてお申込下さい。
【申込〆切】 9月22日(金)
【注意事項】 1:9/23(土)正午時点でのYahooの天気予報をご確認下さい。岡山方面の降水確率が40%以上の場合は中止となります。中止の場合、参加予定の方にはご連絡させていただきます

1118 miles U.S.A. Touring
Participants wanted

Harley-Davidson Las Vegas
The total distance is about 1,118 miles. Now we are looking for participants for this great touring.
Date: June 1st, 2017 – June 9th, 2017
Price: (From Kansai airport) 448,000 JPY each You can choose tandem riding(70,000 JPY reduced price)
Minimum passenger count: 8 (limit:10)
Tour conductor: One staff from Terada Motors and one another staff from the U.S.A.
Closing date: April 1st, 2017 (The application will be closed if the number of paticipants reaches the limit.) You need additional fee (67,000 JPY) if you use single room in hotel.
Eligibility for participation: Above 25 years old with motorcycle license. In the U.S.A., you need to ride over 120km/h. Customers and affiliates of Terada Motors are eligible.
Total Distance: 1,118 miles(360km/day)
Total touring days: 5 days
Hotels: Monte Carlo, Roadway in route 66, Monument Valley In, Days In, Thunderbird Lodge
Food condition: None (Meal charges are not included)
Harley-Davidson america touring

・Motorcycle rental fee (excemption from responsibility $2000 included), fuel charge(motorcycle) are included. If you use Trike, you should pay 70,000 JPY additional fee.
・Fuel surcharge, airport usage fee, taxes are NOT included. (about 17,830 JPY in Feb 1, 2017)
・We support you with special car. We carry your luggage so you don’t have to carry them while riding.
・Tour conductor speak to you with radio when you ride about some useful information.
・We plan to hold a briefing session one or two months before touring.

Harley-Davidson premium touring bag collection

Harley-Davidson Premium Luggage Collection……
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93300005 Overnight Bag 25,834 yen (tax excluded)
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93300008 Rolling Touring Bag
44,630 yen (tax excluded)
93300007 Sissy Bar Backpack
25,834 yen (tax excluded)
93300004 Touring Bag
39,538 yen (tax excluded)
Harley-Davidson Terada Motors luggage collection

Rider designed these bags for riders.
Because of that these bags are useful,
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You no sooner ride your motorcycle
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93300006 Tour-Pak Luggage Rack Bag
34,352 yen (tax excluded)