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Oil Cooler Core Guard
for Touring models with Milwaukee 8

oil cooler core guard for milwaukee eight

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For Harley-Davidsons with Milwaukee-Eight engine.
Oil Cooler Core Guard RG-3
is ready to be for sale.
It fits Harley-Davidson Touring models with Milwaukee-Eight engine except Twin-Cooled Touring models.
Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight oil cooler core guard

Oil cooler is located bottom of the motorcycle. There are possibilities that oil cooler core could be damaged by flying small stones or bags.
Milwaukee-Eight oil cooler cover

Once oil cooler is damaged, cooling function decreases or causes oil leaks.
Oil cooler cover for Milwaukee-Eight

Honeycomb structure prevents foreign substances from passing through and damaging cooler core without decreasing air flow.
Surface of honeycomb structure.
This structure is realized by etching method.
Harley-Davidson oil cooler core guard

Oil Cooler Core Guard RG-3 10,800 JPY(tax included)
It is easy to install.
Take off the plastic guard from oil cooler and
put RG-3 on backside of it with tape.