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Specially Customized Harley-Davidson Sportster
Forty-Eight Legacy SE

Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Legacy SE
Specially customized Forty-Eight Legacy SE is now for sale.
2017 model year Forty-Eight is modified and finished with special color.
These vehicles are sold only 225 in the world. In Japan, a mere 11 Legacy SEs are sold.
XL1200X Legacy

Harley-Davidson XL1200X Forty-Eight Legacy SE
Harley-Davidson 2017 Forty Eight Legacy SE

・Gearcase Cover
・Transmission Sprocket Cover
・Rocker Box Covers
・Driven Sprocket
・Air Cleaner
and more…
Harley-Davidson Forty Eight Legacy SE

All of the custom parts used in this Forty-Eight are embedded by skillful mechanic precisely.
Harley-Davidson screamin eagle exhaust on forty eight

Forty-Eight Legacy SE has Screamin’ Eagle exhausts.
Screamin’ Eagle exhausts have been rare items in Japan for a long time because of vehicle regulations.
of Forty-Eight Legacy SE
Harley-Davidson 2017 Forty Eight Legacy SE
2017 year model forty eight legacy se
Harley-Davidson 2017 XL1200X Legacy SE
Harley-Davidson 2017 limited Legacy SE
Harley-Davidson customized forty eight legacy SE
Harley-Davidson 2017 XL1200X Legacy SE
One of 11 Forty-Eight Legacy SEs is exhibited in our showroom now.
Never miss the chance to see this hard-to-find vehicle.
Harley-Davidson 2017 XL1200X Legacy SE

Forty-Eight Legacy SE
Price: 2,810,000 JPY(tax included)

Upcoming Fender Eliminator Kit
For Harley-Davidson Dyna models

Harley-Davidson dyna low rider s rear fender

Images of Fender Eliminator Kit on 2017 Low Rider S
Fender Eliminator Kit for Harley-Davidson Low Rider S

Available in the near future
Price: 15,000 JPY
Title: Fender Eliminate Kit for DYNA
Parts No.: DYNA-FL-01
Compatibility: Low Rider S, Street Bob
*This kit contains license light
Harley-Davidson Low Rider S

Not equipped
Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider S Custom Fender Eliminate kit

Harley-Davidson DYNA Low Rider S license plate relocated

This kit eliminates license plate light and relocate license plate itself.
Please look carefully at location and angle of license plate.
※license light is located upside of license plate.
The relocation of license plate and exposed rear tires bring custom looks to your Low Rider S.
Harley-Davidson DYNA fender eliminator kit
Harley-Davidson FXDLS Low Rider S
You can purchase our Fender Eliminator Kit via following sites.

Injector Tuning Bolt on Harley-Davidson CV carburetor

You can put our ‘Injector Tuning Bolt’ on your Harley-Davidson genuine CV carburetor.
Exchange the bolt which fixes throttle holder for this magical bolt.
Hit the road and feel the differences!
Harley CV carb

CV carb
Injector Tuning Bolts for CV carb

Injector Tuning Bolts
for Harley-Davidson CV carburetor
Parts no.:
2,000 JPY
Injector Tuning Bolts for CV Carb
Do you want to know more about these bolts?
You can purchasee our products via following sites.

Oil Cooler Core Guard
for Touring models with Milwaukee 8

oil cooler core guard for milwaukee eight

※This picture is just a image. It doesn’t contain Logos.
For Harley-Davidsons with Milwaukee-Eight engine.
Oil Cooler Core Guard RG-3
is ready to be for sale.
It fits Harley-Davidson Touring models with Milwaukee-Eight engine except Twin-Cooled Touring models.
Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight oil cooler core guard

Oil cooler is located bottom of the motorcycle. There are possibilities that oil cooler core could be damaged by flying small stones or bags.
Milwaukee-Eight oil cooler cover

Once oil cooler is damaged, cooling function decreases or causes oil leaks.
Oil cooler cover for Milwaukee-Eight

Honeycomb structure prevents foreign substances from passing through and damaging cooler core without decreasing air flow.
Surface of honeycomb structure.
This structure is realized by etching method.
Harley-Davidson oil cooler core guard

Oil Cooler Core Guard RG-3 10,800 JPY(tax included)
It is easy to install.
Take off the plastic guard from oil cooler and
put RG-3 on backside of it with tape.

For sale: Used Harley-Davidson XL1200C

2013 year model Harley-Davidson Sportster XL1200C is now for sale.
It has engine guard, saddlebag support and backrest.
There is a scratch on the side of the exhaust silencer.
Harley-Davidson 2013 Sportster
2013 XL1200C Custom
used harley-davidson sportster
Harley-Davidson 2013 XL1200C Custom
used 2013 XL1200C Custom
Harley-Davidson 2013 XL1200C
Safety Inspection Period:June, 2018
Price:880,000 JPY(tax included)
Harley-Davidson XL1200C

2015 Harley-Davidson FLTRXS for sale

Customized Road Glide Special is in store now..
Extended rear fender and side bags. Road glide special base customized Bagger is here. Distance is only 6,229km….
Used Harley-Davidson FLTRXS Road Glide Special.
The rear fender and side bags are stretched. Tour-pak is added on the rear side of the motorcycle.
In addition to these, you can find many billet parts made by Arlen Ness.
6.5inch touch panel is located in the “shirk nose” fairing, it gives you easy access to audio controller and vehicle information.
Harley-Davidson 2015 Road Glide Special
2015 FLTRXS Road Glide Special
used harley davidson fltrxs road glide special
Harley Davidson 2015 Fltrxs for sale
harley davidson 2015 road glide special for sale
Harley Davidson customized road glide special
Safety Inspection:December, 2017
Price:3,000,000 JPY(tax included)
2015 FLTRXS Road Glide Special