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Used Harley-Davidson Street 750 is for sale

Used Harley-Davidson 2016 Street 750 is for sale.
Small front fairing characterizes this motorcycle as a cafe racer.
Horn, brake, brake and clutch levers are modified in 2016.
※Engine guard will be removed.
※Distance may increase because this street 750 is used as a test drive vehicle.
2016 ハーレーダビッドソン中古車 XG750 ストリート750
Harley-Davidson Street 750 2016
2016 Harley davidson street 750
Harley Davidson 2016 street 750
used Harley-Davidson 2016 XG750
Used Harley-Davidson 2016 XG750 street750
Used Harley-Davidson 2016 XG750 street750
Safety Inspection Period:April, 2019
Price:780,000 JPY(tax included)

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