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ETC Lock Case on FLSS Softail Slim S | 兵庫県尼崎市・西宮市・芦屋市・神戸市 関西でハーレーをお探しなら寺田モータース ハーレーダビッドソン販売店/Kawasaki Z販売店


ETC Lock Case on FLSS Softail Slim S

ETC lock case on Softail Slim S
This is one of the examples. Aluminum ETC Lock Case is on FLSS which has Twin-Cam 110B motor.
ETC Lock Case: EC11-M(short bolt on the backside of the case)
Stay: D shaped stay TRD
ETC lock case D shaped stay

ETC Lock Case
ETC Lock Case on Softail Slim S

D shaped stay can be rotated about the bolt so that ETC Lock Case are placed in appropriate place.
ETC lock case example FLSS

It is NOT impossible to install ETC Lock Case into Harley-Davidson with engine guard. However, it is extremely difficult to keep enough clearance between case and motorcycle itself.
We advise you to study “Softail Side Stay” instead of “D shaped stay” if your motorcycle has engine guard.
JRM-21 and MSC-BE700 are provided for new generation “ETC 2.0” system.
Now we are constructing ETC Lock Case for JRM-21.
If you use MSC-BE700, you can put it into our ETC Lock Case “EC51-N”, “EC51-M” or “EC51-S” with G51 spacer.
You can purchase our original parts like ETC Lock Case via following sites.


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