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Harley-Davidson premium touring bag collection | 兵庫県尼崎市・西宮市・芦屋市・神戸市 関西でハーレーをお探しなら寺田モータース ハーレーダビッドソン販売店/Kawasaki Z販売店


Harley-Davidson premium touring bag collection

Harley-Davidson Premium Luggage Collection……
Touch and feel them in our showroom. Harley-Davidson Premium Touring Luggages are now in Terada Motors. Visit us…
Harley-Davidson touring bags

Harley-Davidson Genuine
Premium touring luggages
They are displayed in limited time in our store.
93300005 Overnight Bag 25,834 yen (tax excluded)
Bag for short trip is easily attached to rack and sissy bar.
Harley-Davidson premium touring luggage

93300008 Rolling Touring Bag
44,630 yen (tax excluded)
93300007 Sissy Bar Backpack
25,834 yen (tax excluded)
93300004 Touring Bag
39,538 yen (tax excluded)
Harley-Davidson Terada Motors luggage collection

Rider designed these bags for riders.
Because of that these bags are useful,
functional and fashionable.
You no sooner ride your motorcycle
with one of these bags than understand
what I mean.
93300006 Tour-Pak Luggage Rack Bag
34,352 yen (tax excluded)



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