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スポーツスター用YSS 11インチリアショック YSS 11inch Rear Shock for Sportster

スポーツスター 11inch リアショック 11" rear shock for XL Sportster

YSS 11inch rear shock absorber for Harley-Davidson sportster
  • 2017 XL883N IRON with YSS Performance shock
  • 2017 XL883N IRON with YSS Performance shock
  • 2017 IRON 883 with YSS Performance shock
  • 2017 IRON 883 with YSS Performance shock
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ハーレーダビッドソンスポーツスターモデル用としてTerada MotorsがサスペンションメーカーYSSと共に開発した全長11インチのリアショックです。
何セットも製作した試作品は車体へ取り付けTerada Motorsがこれまでに培ってきた経験をもとに実際の試乗を幾度も繰り返すことで機能性、耐久性、そして乗り心地を練り上げました。
その結果ハーレーダビッドソン純正(2016- IRON883)のサスペンションより0.8インチ短い全長により「低い車高」を実現しつつもオートバイとしての楽しさを失わないサスペンションがここに完成しました。
These are 11" length rear shock absorbers designed by Terada Motors for Harley-Davidson Sportster models.
Shock absorbers are assembled in YSS (Thailand) and then sent to Japan.
In Japan, disassembled once and checked all components and done re-setting then re-assembled.
Short length rear suspensions on the market can't do their job well because of their length.
We know that no riding pleasure no life.
So, first of all we researched average weight of Sportster riders, traffic condition in Japan and specification of Sportster.
Then, we drew the guideline of the shocks using shock dynamo.
Many prototypes were tested actually on the road again and again based on the accumulated experience. Through this process, we developed functionality, durability and comfortableness of the suspensions.
Finally, we completed 11" rear shock absorber without losing riding pleasure.
Aluminum bodies are colored black.
They include preload adjuster, compression adjuster and 10mm height adjuster.
*Please give us a week for shipping these products
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  • Parts Name:11" Rear Shock for Sportster
  • Parts No.:YSS-X01
  • Fits:Harley-Davidson Sportster
  • Price:84,240 yen(tax included)
  • 2018/9月末販売開始予定(予約受付中)

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